About the Program


While grocery shopping, NAPFA member and DEI Committee co-chair John Eing, CPA, MBA, CFP® noticed that the most expensive eggs had the "USDA Organic" symbol, while others only had a "Non-GMO" label. He thought, “What’s the difference?” and went home to do a bit of research. He found that: USDA Organic is non-GMO, but non-GMO is not USDA Organic, and that symbols are powerful. This resulted in a lightbulb moment for John: what if advisors and firms could use a symbol to acknowledge their openness to and appreciation of diverse clients, advisors, and practices?


Fast forward to 2022: thanks to the efforts of John and the DEI Committee, NAPFA launched the DEI Training & Certificate Program to help bridge the gender and ethnic gap, and relieve some of the choice overload that a potential client or aspiring advisor of color might face when searching for the firm that would be right for them.

Learn more about the origin of the program from DEI Committee co-chairs John Eing and Mindy Neira, CFP®, ChSNC® below!

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