NAPFA Psychology of Financial Planning & Mental Health Training 

NAPFA has partnered with ENLITE, a unique organization that bridges the gap between financial planning, leadership, and mental health. Content is created and delivered by Dr. Sonya Lutter, a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional and Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist.

Courses are designed to provide you with the confidence you need to implement psychology of financial planning techniques. 


  • Managing Conflict is for professionals who want to gain skills in navigating tense situations at work and at home. Working with couples in conflict can be particularly challenging without the skills necessary to deescalate conflict and redirect toward productive conversation.


  • Love & Money is a resource for couples. You might consider gifting your clients access to the course to better align their financial future together. The content is targeted at newer couples, though more established couples have repeatedly expressed the value it provided to their relationship.


For financial planners who have learned a new psychology of financial planning concept during a webinar or conference and then find themselves back in their daily routine with nobody to talk to about implementing the idea, ENLITE Community is the solution. ENLITE Community is designed to help you implement new concepts and learn more about the human side of financial planning. You will receive a new fact sheet each month on what to promote and avoid in client meetings. You can ask questions relevant to your practice and discuss implementation strategies and referrals.

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