RSSA eLearning Program

NAPFA has partnered with The National Association of Registered Social Security Analysts (NARSSA), the nation’s leading membership organization for professional advisors engaged in Social Security advisory services. If you want to learn more about Social Security to better serve clients, the RSSA® eLearning program is for you. Become an expert Social Security Advisor – a Registered Social Security Analyst.


The RSSA® eLearning program is a 5-module Social Security education program with software training. After completing the educational program and passing the National RSSA® Final Exam, advisors are well positioned to help existing and prospective clients with their Social Security planning needs. This training program is approved by the IRS, NASBA, CFP® Board, and Broadridge Fi360 Solutions for CE credits. The RSSA® credential is the standard of excellence in Social Security advisory and planning. Advisors learn how to help clients potentially receive hundreds of thousands of dollars in additional Social Security benefits that they have earned and are entitled to. 


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Training Features

  • Offers an intensive self-study Social Security education, created for advisors who want to take a deeper dive into the nuances of Social Security and learn how to help clients get every dollar they are entitled to.
  • Learn Social Security strategies and law, how to use specialized software to maximize clients' Social Security benefits, while earning continuing education hours.
  • After completing the educational program and passing the National RSSA Final Exam, advisors are well positioned to help existing and prospective clients with their Social Security planning needs as an RSSA expert Social Security advisor.


1. Module I: Social Security Essentials

Chapter 1: Getting Started with Social Security
Chapter 2: Social Security Benefits
Chapter 3: Family and Dependent Benefits
Chapter 4: Claiming Considerations

2. Module II: Social Security Advanced Topics

Chapter 1: Pensions and Social Security
Chapter 2: Taxation of Social Security Benefits
Chapter 3: Disability
Chapter 4: Medicare

3. Module III: Comprehensive Retirement Planning

Chapter 1: The Big Picture
Chapter 2: Taxation of Retirement Income
Chapter 3: Social Security & Retirement Case Studies
Chapter 4: The Future of Social Security

4. Module IV: Working with Clients

Chapter 1: Social Security Income Planning
Chapter 2: Introduction to Working with Clients
Chapter 3: Self-Employed Business Owners
Chapter 4: Working with Self-Employed Clients

5. Module V: Social Security Software Case Studies

Chapter 1: RSSA Roadmap Software Walkthrough
Chapter 2: Pete Walker, Single
Chapter 3: Maria Rodriguez, Widowed
Chapter 4: Anna Chen, Divorced
Chapter 5: Jake and Sue Hill, Married with a Pension
Chapter 6: Brad and Carrie Meadows, Married with Disabled Adult Child (DAC), Chris

About the Program

Become a Social Security Expert

NAPFA continues to champion consumer protection and financial services delivered in the public interest. There is a tremendous demand for professionals that understand Social Security. More than 70 million Baby Boomers will collect Social Security and need personalized help. As a Registered Social Security Analyst, you can help clients potentially gain tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars in incremental Social Security income. Take advantage of this smart opportunity and get started with your training today.


What is the RSSA Program?
RSSA is the only Social Security Program with software training approved by the IRS, NASBA, and CFP Board for CPE/CE credits. This course will teach you everything you need to know about offering expert Social Security advisory services as a new service to your clients. The program takes an estimated 20 hours to complete.


How can the RSSA Program help your practice?

Learn to help your clients maximize their Social Security benefits, often resulting in tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars in additional retirement income. You'll learn how to use sophisticated Social Security maximization software that generates a custom report for you to review with your clients. Expert Social Security advisory is an outstanding way to enhance the relationship with your existing clients, differentiate yourself from your competitors, and to acquire new clients.


How Can You Claim Your NAPFA Member Benefit?
As a member of NAPFA, we are providing you with Promo Code NAPFA300 to take the course and earn your RSSA Credential.

Continuing Education Credits  

CPAs: 15.5 credits
EA: 10 credits

CFP®: 8.5 credits
AIF®: 8.5 credits

AIFA®: 8.5 credits
PPC®: 8.5 credits

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