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How to Deliver Double-Digit Returns Through a Secured Real Estate Investment
Course Information
Content Level: Intermediate
NAPFA Subject Area: C-Investments
Course Description
This webinar explains the basics of Trust Deed investments and discusses why many RIAs have been reluctant to incorporate this kind of alternative asset into their clients’ portfolios. The analytics of Trust Deeds and how Ignite Funding partners with each RIA individually to reduce the labor and time typically associated with reporting on these “out of the box” products will also be discussed.
Learning Objectives
  1. Discover how Trust Deed investments are secured and what documents investors receive throughout the investment process to illustrate the collateral of their investment.
  2. Understand how Trust Deed investments are underwritten and how the underwriting for these types of investments differ from traditional lending that the average investor is familiar with, such as a residential mortgage loan.
  3. Envision how to partner with Ignite Funding to offer trust deed investments as an alternative asset to investors without burdening their back office with excessive labor and manual reporting responsibilities.
Misty Bethany
Misty Bethany is Ignite Funding’s Chief Compliance Officer. Ms. Bethany has more than 17 years of experience in the financial services industry, of which the last 12 years she has specialized in the compliance and regulatory aspects of the business and is a licensed Mortgage Broker with the Nevada Mortgage Lending Division.

Throughout her career in compliance Misty has been involved in and led various state and federal examinations, some of which occurred at the height of sweeping changes to FINRA that came of the Great Recession. Rather than shy from these sometimes, daunting regulatory exams, she dived in and relished the opportunity to learn and ever increase her knowledge of the industry, all to strengthen the company’s policies and ultimately its leadership and example in the industry.
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