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2023 Playbook Series #2, Session #1: Magnetic Marketing: Niching in with Ideal Client Personas and Hyper-Relevant Messaging-On Demand
Course Information
Content Level: Foundational
NAPFA Subject Area: K-Marketing & Practice Management
Course Description

In this initial webinar of three sessions focused on building trust and earning credibility in a digital world, learn how to narrow your focus and become a magnetic force so the right people find you and say yes without pressure or stress.

This session will be chock full of tips on:

  • Honing in on and attract the clients you really want to serve
  • Utilizing public relations and building a strong online presence to play a part in generating visibility and trust
  • Using "avatars" and "ideal client personas" coupled with hyper-relevant case studies and other valuable content to become a magnetic marketing force
  • Incorporating images and words to pull the right people to your firm and services

Homework Assignment for Session #3: Create a series of ICPs (a.k.a., avatars) and corresponding hyper-relevant case studies using the coaching provided. Come to the third session prepared to discuss what you did as a result.

And mark your calendar for upcoming Playbooks (all at 3 PM ET):
• Playbook Series #2: June 29 and July 27
• Playbook Series #3: September 28, October 26, and November 30
Sam Brownell, CVA, CFA, MBA