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2024 Playbook Series #1: AI and Advisors - 3-Course On-Demand Bundle
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Content Level: Foundational & Intermediate
NAPFA Subject Area: K - Marketing and Practice Management
Earn 1 NAPFA CE per course

Join a host of experts in AI for a masterclass in how to approach this technology and how to make it work for you and your firm. Our panelists come from within the fee-only advisory space as well as from outside, bringing a range broad range of perspectives as well as a depth of knowledge in the AI world. You'll gain knowledge of how to use tools available to advisors, as well as confidence in what can and can't, should and shouldn't be used. Our experts will share an overview of what AI actually is, which tools you can start using, and how to navigate the compliance and regulatory waters around AI. Move forward into 2024 well-equipped with the how and why behind AI.

1. Session #1: What Is AI?
AI has become a buzz phrase of both innovation and trepidation. We will break down what it is (and what it isn't) and start digging into how you might already be interacting with it in your firm, as well as talk about how it could save you time and resources. Panelists: Tyson McDowell, Andrew Smith Lewis, Derek Notham, and moderator Summer Parry.

2. Session #2: How To Employ AI in 2024
AI probably has more opportunities available to you than you realize. We will look at ways you can be using tools like ChatGPT to improve efficiencies, as well as other integrations available on other platforms. We will also talk about prompts and templates you can use. Panelists: Dan Solin, John O'Connell, Justin Bolmgren, and moderator Summer Parry.

3. Session #3: What Are the Legal, Compliance, and Cybersecurity Implications in 2024?
Now that you've had a chance in dive in and what this technology is capable of, let's start putting some guardrails around it. Where does it make sense to use it? And where might we need to limit or prohibit it in our firms? Whether you're a solo advisor or growing your firm, having guidelines in place will allow for efficient growth with the approved use of AI, without spinning out of control. Panelists: Myles Blechner, Leila Shaver, Alex Nisenbaum, and moderator Summer Parry.
Availability: On-Demand
Access expires on 12/31/2025
Cost: Member: $49.00
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