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2024 Playbook Series #1, Session #1: What Is AI?
Course Information
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Content Level: Foundational
NAPFA Subject Area: K-Marketing & Practice Management
Course Description
AI has become a buzz phrase of both innovation and trepidation. We will break down what it is (and what it isn't) and start digging into how you might already be interacting with it in your firm, as well as talk about how it could save you time and resources.
Learning Objectives
1. Understand the decisions you are making and will need to make in using AI to serve clients and your firm.
2. Learn the history of AI and how it is transforming our industry and individualizing service to clients.
3. Understand some of the benefits and drawbacks of AI tools.
Tyson S. McDowell

Tyson S. McDowell is a serial tech entrepreneur turned venture capitalist focused on positively merging humans with AI-driven technologies. After 20 years of experience in founding, running and successfully exiting companies (where he served as CEO and CTO simultaneously), and watching the world change dramatically as a result of high-scale technologies permeating everyday life, he realized the need to scale up his own efforts to impact humanity with tech.

To that end, he launched Greatscale Ventures in 2017, a venture fund accelerating early-stage tech companies to market that serve the next generation of healthier, wealthier and wiser super humans. He also is a keynote speaker, advisor, and strategic consultant to established companies that deploy AI at scale.

Andrew Smith Lewis

Andrew Smith Lewis is a recognized pioneer at the intersection of brain science, artificial intelligence, and industry innovation. As the founder and CEO of Alai Studios, he leads a multidisciplinary team that combines AI with cognitive and data science to create unique solutions and drive unprecedented value across several industries. With over two decades of experience, Andrew has co-invented a transformative learning platform and holds nine patents.

As the Founding Chief Innovation Officer at CAIS, Andrew launched the AI-powered CAIS IQ, equipping advisors with the tools to master alternative investments. He has advised the UAE government and is a regular speaker at events like Schwab Impact, SALT, SXSW, and the AWS Public Sector Summit. Andrew has also been acknowledged as a U.S. Army TRADOC Mad Scientist.

Derek Notham, CFP®

Derek Notham, CFP®, is the founder and CEO of Couplr AI, focused on leveraging data science to solve the client acquisition problem for the investment and insurance industries. Additionally, Derek co-hosts the Rethink Financial Advice podcast, where he questions everything about financial advice.

Derek entered the financial services industry in 2006. After 3 years, he started his own firm. In 2013, Derek was one of the first advisors to transition his practice to a virtual model. This spurred him to start an online training program, Conneqtor, which has been used by advisors around the world, which he successfully exited December 2023.

Summer Parry, CFP® - Moderator 

Summer Parry, CFP®, grew up outside of Sacramento, CA with financially astute parents. Her dad is also a CFP® practitioner, and her mother is a real estate investor. Money was a common topic of her childhood – and this propelled Summer in her desire to become a financial planner. Summer graduated from Brigham Young University with a degree in finance and began her career at an independent financial planning firm. After passing the CFP® exam, Summer moved to New York City, where she works at an independent firm providing comprehensive planning to high-net worth executives. Summer has always loved technology and has become an expert in applying new tools into her job as a financial planner.

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