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Playbook #2, Session #2: Honing in - How Doubling Down on Serving a SpecIfic Niche Can Multiply Results
Course Information
Content Level: Intermediate
NAPFA Subject Area: K - Marketing and Practice Management
Course Description

Building on what you learned in the first session on niche marketing, we will continue our discussion centered on how advisors who double down on serving a specific niche can move farther faster due to this intensified commitment.

This session will drill into:

  • Strategies for working with a specific target market
  • Why you select a specific niche 
  • Maximizing your efforts
  • Establishing trust and earning credibility when you can't meet a client in person

Homework Assignment: Consider what the panelists said and come to session #3 prepared to share your additional insights with the group.

Marie Swift, Jonny Swift, and a panel of experts
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Expires on 12/31/2024
Location: Online Meeting
Date / Time: Jun 29, 2023 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM EST
Cost: Member: $0.00
Non-Member: $39.00
Credit Offered:
1 NAPFA CE Credit
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