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Episode #06: “Playing to Win” with Joe Lukacs

August 3, 2020

In Episode #6 of Mindset Mastery, "Playing to Win", Marie Swift speaks with Joe Lukacs of the Magellan Mastermind and Network.

In a nutshell: Joe Lukacs – or “Coach Joe” as he has been affectionately dubbed by the members of his financial advisor tribe – tells us how to "create our own economies" by working on our emotional capital and mastering our own internal dialog. The focus is on developing new protocols that allow us to focus on what matters while leading with energy and authority to inspire others and achieve our goals. Listen in as Joe shares dozens of great ideas on how to win your own self-declared game.

Podcast Guest
Joe Lukacs 
Joe serves the financial planning industry by bringing together like-minded independent advisors, RIA’s, and selected industry thought leaders to discuss, brainstorm, teach, mastermind, associate,& create innovative practice/business models. This will ensure leadership that will guarantee a thriving business through a band of like-minded brothers and sisters who want to improve themselves and help each other improve. 
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