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Episode #11: "Building a Life by Choice, Not Chance” with Chris Yonker

January 4, 2021

In Episode #11 of Mindset Mastery, "Building a Life by Choice, Not Chance”, Speaker/Author/Coach Chris Yonker talks about reducing stress when we are facing critical, consequential transitions in business or life. His expertise is in helping individuals find out what they want and then creating that in business performance, sales, leadership development, succession planning, mindset, and in their own personal lives. It all starts with vision – and Chris tells us how to begin in this engaging dialog with Mindset Mastery host Marie Swift.

In a nutshell: There are things that happen in life that we can’t control. Uncertainties can create stress. But it’s how we orient ourselves to what’s happening that makes the difference. He tells us how to get out of worry mode and live life with ease and grace. He provides a fail-proof way to get out of fight-or-flight mode. He also says the pandemic provided us all with a big gift – the opportunity to stop and reflect on who we are, what we value and how to live without regrets.

Podcast Guest
Chris Yonker

Chris Yonker is a father, husband, martial artist and world-leading resource for business owners. His proprietary process helps clients move beyond what is hindering their self-realization, while allowing them to take quantum leaps in their growth and transformation. Many of Chris’s clients say the process of working with him leads to profound healing, deep peace, better relationships, and higher levels of happiness in their lives. Chris is self-proclaimed recovering work-a-holic. He is a foodie, a wine connoisseur, and enjoys cycling, surfing, fishing and-- as a child of the 70s-- a good classic rock show. 

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