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Episode #16: “Success That’s Satisfying” with Stephanie Bogan

July 6, 2021

In Episode #16 of Mindset Mastery, “Success That’s Satisfying”, power coach Stephanie Bogan of Limitless Advisor gives Mindset Mastery host Marie Swift a formula for creating results that are both energy-producing and revenue-producing.

In a nutshell: Success can be draining – but it doesn’t have to be that way. Financial advisors and founders can create bigger, better futures – on their terms – if they “mind their line” and are willing to give up “the lollipop of mediocrity.” The 4 Realms of Mastery are also a part of the equation. Learn which one of the three factors that contribute to your success is the most important and create a bigger, better future for yourself with the insights you’ll glean from this episode.

Podcast Guest
Stephanie Bogan

Stephanie Bogan, consultant and author founded and was CEO of Quantuvis Consulting, a financial services firm, for nearly two decades before selling to Genworth Financial and joining their Executive Team.  In her 20-year career, Stephanie has authored The Power of Practice Management, wrote a column for Financial Planning magazine and currently writes the Limitless Adviser column for Investment News.

Stephanie is a recognized industry thought leader and consults to various corporations, boards and private equity firms on industry trends and opportunities and remains a highly sought after speaker, business strategist and executive coach. Stephanie currently resides in Costa Rica where she pursues her avid interest in behavioral and brain sciences and the impact on individual success.

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