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Episode #18: "Dementia Prevention and Optimistic Aging" with Dr. Margit Henderson

September 7, 2021

In Episode #18 of Mindset Mastery, “Dementia Prevention and Optimistic Aging”, Mindset Mastery host Marie Swift speaks with Dr. Margit Henderson, a psychologist who specializes in stress management and aging well. They talk about being more resilient and vibrant as we age – and how to help others who may be haunted by “pessimistic aging ghosts”.

In a nutshell: Developing an “optimistic aging mindset” in midlife and beyond actually changes how well we live and experience life as we age. The more hopeful our expectations, the better the outcomes. Financial advisors can create a better emotional experience for their clients by spotlighting the positive aging inspirations clients share with them, helping them connect the dots, and offering reassurance (not necessarily advice) when it comes to living their best life as the years roll by. You’ll hear lots of tips for dementia prevention and improving brain health – including how to get a “2 for 1” benefit by combining certain health investments over time.

Podcast Guest
Margit Henderson, PhD

Dr. Margit Henderson is passionate about helping you overcome barriers to healthy living. As a psychologistspeaker and writer, Margit guides people to flourish, especially late in life during the retirement years.

Margit is an actionability catalyst, empowering those she serves to shift from avoidance to action, from overwhelmed to on-task, from struggling to thriving. She draws upon almost 30 years experience as a clinical and health psychologist, sharing her research-based understanding about behavior change to lengthen healthspan and activate joyful living.

As a therapist, Margit has been in private practice for almost 20 years. Previously, she worked in community mental health and college counseling. She has been a professional speaker throughout her career, teaching undergraduate psychology courses and graduate student seminars, as well as presenting at community events and professional conferences. Her professional writing includes publications in peer-review research journals, blog posts and the publication of her first book, Optimistic Aging in 2014 and her second book, From Hope to Habit in 2020.

To learn more about Dr. Henderson and her books, workshops and presentation, visit
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