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Episode #26: Mind Your Balance: Creating Effortless Success and True Happiness in Your Life
Date: June 6, 2022

Mindset Mastery host Marie Swift speaks with Dr. Travis Parry, author of the recently released book, Achieving Balance, and author of the forthcoming book, Balanced Growth. A former financial advisor, Dr. Parry holds a Doctorate in Family and Human Development, and a Masters in Psychology. He is focused on helping financial advisors – and other entrepreneurs who tend to be “functional workaholics” – achieve balance through the "Make Time Method". You will learn how to steer yourself, your clients, and your loved ones toward a more fulfilling and happy life; ways to protect critical well-being; and how to “risk manage your time.” You can then reinvest your newfound time and energy into balanced growth. It all hinges on using time correctly, in accordance with your personal goals, mission, and values. Learn more about Dr. Parry and his books, speeches, and training courses here:

Podcast Guest

Dr. Travis Parry

My professional journey started in 2002 as a new financial advisor. I found a natural market with business owners and young married professionals. As my practice was building, I noticed that many of my clients needed more than financial advice, they needed advice about life in general. There were many clients who were unhappy in their careers, relationships, and overall health. I was unable as a financial advisor to give much more than financial planning advice. However, I had a desire to do more.

I attended multiple trainings and invested heavily in my own personal development. In one of these training sessions, the speaker put a challenge to the crowd that if they wanted to be on this stage to make the changes they needed. I knew that he was speaking to me and I started to figure out the changes that I needed in order to live my life on purpose and help clients with more than their financial aspects of life. Learn more

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