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Episode #27: Financial Stress: Practical Solutions for Overcoming this Hidden Epidemic

Date: July 7, 2022

Mindset Mastery host Marie Swift speaks with Dr. Alex Melkumian, author of the recently released book, Financial Psychology: Restoring Financial Wellness in a Post-COVID Economy. A licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and founder of Financial Psychology Center in Los Angeles, he is devoted to helping clients improve their financial and mental health by uncovering patterns in their relationship with money that keep them stuck and suffering. In this episode, he provides ideas that can help reduce financial anxiety and improve financial wellness.

You will learn how stress changes our brains, why it is important to demystify the label “stress,” how to silence your inner critic, create mental boundaries, and reclaim control. He explains how to use our emotions wisely and why a “worry session” can actually be a good idea.

Learn more about Dr. Melkumian and his book, speeches, and therapeutic services here:

Podcast Guest
Dr. Alex Melkumian
Dr. Melkumian is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and founder of Financial Psychology Center in Los Angeles, California. As a practicing clinician for the past 15 years Dr Melkumian has worked with populations ranging from the chronically acute, dually diagnosed patients to highly motivated individuals committed to self-improvement. He is an author and public speaker who works to bring people harmony and ease in their lives, no matter what the issue. His experiences in the field have given him deep expertise in treating alcoholism and addiction, codependency, emotional disturbance, stress, self esteem, relationships, men’s issues, depression and anxiety.
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