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Episode #30: Motivate Your Money: Using Conversations and Conscious Decision Making to Realize Success with Mac Gardner
Date: October 3, 2022

In Episode #30 of Mindset Mastery, “Motivate Your Money: Using Conversations and Conscious Decision Making to Realize Success,” host Marie Swift, CEO of Impact Communications, speaks with book author and financial educator Mac Gardner, CFP® . In addition to his book for adults, Motivate Your Money, Mac has created a book, coloring and worksheets, and a fun game for kids ages 7+ called 'The Four Money Bears: Berryville'. In this episode of Mindset Mastery, he talks about the five steps to financial success, how to motivate kids and others in our lives when it comes to money, and creating a good mindset as it relates to finances and life.
Podcast Guest
Mac Gardner, CFP®

His passion for financial literacy led him to publish his first book, “Motivate Your Money!” in 2013. As his family grew and his clients began to ask him for ways to teach their kids about managing money he decided to use elements from his first book to develop a financial literacy platform for young children. The Four Money Bears represent the four basic functions of money. When children gain exposure to money management skills at an early age they are likely to develop healthy financial planning habits as adults. Mac is a true believer in the power of stories. He wants every child to know the story of “The Four Money Bears” and the benefits of sound money management for generations to come. 
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