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Episode #32: Emotional Intelligence - How to Improve and Use EQ in Everyday Life
Date: December 5, 2022

In Episode #32 of Mindset Mastery, “Emotional Intelligence: How to Improve and Use EQ in Everyday Life,” host Marie Swift, CEO of Impact Communications, recaps the 2022 episodes so that listeners who missed one of these fabulous conversations can get a few quick tips from her summary – and make a note to go back and listen to the episodes that call to them. She also talks about Emotional Intelligence – commonly referred to as EQ, which stands for “emotional quotient.” While IQ tests measure our ability to solve problems, use logic, and grasp or communicate complex ideas. EQ tests measure our ability to recognize emotion in ourselves and others, and to use that awareness to guide our decisions.

In a nutshell: Life is full of ups and downs. Learning to deal with emotions creatively and employ our own intelligence in a beneficial way is one of the best things we can do to help ourselves and others. We are subject to a constant stream of positive and negative emotions, but what distinguishes us as human beings is that we are capable of positive change. We must practice emotional intelligence. Like any muscle, it can atrophy if not exercised. This episode provides helpful insights and tips on how the human brain is wired, how to listen and communicate more effectively, and how to make better decisions by working on our EQ – a measure that – unlike IQ – can be improved over time.
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