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MIX Group Payment of $1.25 Per CFP Attendee
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MIX groups pay their own CFP CE course fees. After the presentation, please pay $1.25 per attendee per CFP CE (and half CFP CE) through this item, "MIX Group $1.25 Payment Per CFP Attendee."

So a 1.5 CE or 2-CE course costs $2.50 for the reporting of one CFP certificant's CEs. Please count up the number of CFP certificants on your attendance sheet, multiply that by the number of total number of CEs and half-CEs requested (a half-CE counts as 1), and purchase the appropriate number of units.

Notify Heidi Tennant at when you've made payment and through whose account, and contact her for any questions.
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Cost: $1.25
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