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NAPFA Nation Episode #07: “Retirement Redefined: How to Balance Time, Money and Joy” with Glenn Frank
Date: July 11, 2023 

In episode #07 of NAPFA Nation, Glenn Frank, author of the popular book Your Encore: Retirement Planning Guide - How to Balance Time, Money and Joy, discusses the importance of brain chemicals in happiness and suggests a daily practice called the "smiling starfish" to increase happiness per dollar and hour. He also shares his four key takeaways on happiness: daily progress, pleasure within limits, pride in work, and purpose.

Frank shares:

  • A decision matrix to help balance time, money, and happiness by categorizing activities as required or choice-based and whether they make you happy or not 
  • Why intentional decision-making leads to better outcomes and greater overall happiness 
  • How gratitude plays a role in having a great life 
  • His concept of an encore – finding purpose after 50 instead of retiring – which he believes is crucial for successful retirement

Key points: Many people mistakenly believe they are helping their parents by doing everything for them, but it often leads to unfulfillment. Seeking advice from parents can be beneficial and even those with disabilities can contribute. There are resources available for people over 50, such as free websites, organizations, and books. Church groups are good at providing support, especially for the sandwich generation. The COVID crisis caused many people to retire earlier than planned, creating an opportunity for financial advisors to help them navigate this transition. Philanthropic giving decisions require careful consideration of time and money, as well as motivation and impact per dollar or hour. Communication of family values is key when involving children in charitable giving decisions. The balance between supporting family and giving to charity is a common dilemma that needs to be addressed based on individual circumstances. It is important to plan both finances and schedules in retirement and find fulfilling ways to spend time through volunteering or working part-time.

Special Note: In 2023, we rebranded the NAPFA podcast with a new album cover and series title: NAPFA Nation. We are shifting our monthly episodes to bring you inspiring conversations and key insights from leaders in the Fee-Only financial planning profession. Marie Swift, Founder and CEO of Impact Communications, will continue on as host, interviewing a variety of NAPFA members and professionals. You will still be able to find on this channel the 32 Mindset Mastery episodes with respected fiduciary financial planners and allied advocates who are committed to accomplishing great things as they master their own mindset and continue to serve their clients in the best ways possible.

Podcast Guest
Glenn Frank, MBA 

Professor Glenn Frank is currently the Director of Education at Lexington Wealth Management. His college teaching experience is extensive. Since 1985 he has taught a large variety of courses in investments, individual and business taxes, insurance and financial planning. He was the Founding Director of the Master of Personal Financial Planning program at Bentley University. He is a member of the program’s advisory board and each year teaches a portfolio construction course within the program, Portfolio Management or Investment Vehicles.

Frank is the author of Your Encore: Retirement Planning Guide – How to Balance Time, Money and JoyHe was named 2019 Financial Planner of the Year in Massachusetts and one of the top financial advisors in the country for 10 straight years by Worth. He has been interviewed by the Wall Street Journal, Reader’s Digest, Financial Planning, The Boston Globe,  and various other media outlets. He is a frequent speaker drawing on his 30 years of experience as a financial advisor to share insights on finding a balance between Time, Money and Joy

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