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NAPFA Nation Episode #12: Intentional Visibility: Benefits of an Inclusive Workplace Culture with Dana Wilson
Date: December 12, 2023

In Episode #12 of NAPFA Nation, Dana Wilson, CEO of CHIP (Changing How Individuals Prosper) talks with podcast host Marie Swift about the benefits of building an inclusive workplace culture. CHIP is a B2B financial services marketplace that makes finding financial professionals of color easy. In this lively episode, they discuss the importance of cross mentorship and situational mentorship, emphasizing that mentorship doesn't always have to be formal. Wilson also highlights the significance of being open to feedback and being coachable in order to grow personally and professionally. The conversation shifts to CHIP’s partnership with NAPFA and their shared mission of supporting underrepresented professionals in the financial industry. They envision a future where diversity is embraced, wealth gaps are closed, and individuals feel empowered to define wealth on their own terms. Wilson a encourages listeners to get involved with CHIP by visiting their website or following them on social media platforms.


In a nutshell:

  1. Wilson shares her journey in the financial services industry and her passion for diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging. She emphasizes the importance of mentorship, breaking barriers in the financial industry, redefining words for empowerment, expanding wealth for communities of color, and empowering future leaders.

  2. Building relationships and having conversations are key to personal and professional growth. It's important to connect with people who may not look or dress like you and find common interests. Flipping words and redefining them can empower individuals and build confidence.

  3. Empowering future leaders and understanding the next generation's perspective is crucial. Cross-mentorship can be valuable, and it's important to offer feedback and learn from others. Feedback should not always be assumed as negative and can be an opportunity for growth.

  4. CHIP’s mission expands beyond education to include the human capital component and understanding wealth in the context of family. Individuals can get involved with CHIP by signing up, creating a profile, and following them on social media platforms.


Podcast Guest

Dana Wilson

Dana L. Wilson is the founder and CEO of CHIP (Changing How Individuals Prosper), a B2B financial services marketplace that makes it easy to find Black and Latinx financial professionals. Before starting CHIP, Wilson worked as an Investment Advisor at corporate and independent firms. She is the host of "The Included Series Podcast and speaks widely on the subject of intentional visibility and cultural change.


In 2021, InvestmentNews recognized her as a "See It Be It Role Model" for her diversity, equity, and inclusion work. She also received two company awards in 2021 from ThinkAdvisor for her work in diversity and inclusion and thought leadership. She was named "One To Watch" in Fintech from Money 20/20 and was awarded as a 2021 Trailblazer from Black Women In Media.


Wilson’s primary aim is to leverage her experience, financial services, and marketing knowledge to help companies build more inclusive workplaces while empowering humans to find their authentic voices to create change. She holds an MBA in strategic Leadership with a concentration in Corporate Innovation.

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