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NAPFA Nation Episode #15: “Ethical and Inclusive: Taking Pride in Community Service, ESG and LGBTQ+ Initiatives” with Steve Doster and Michelle Wilson
Date: March 12, 2024 

In Episode #15 of NAPFA Nation, Steve Doster, a senior wealth advisor at Rowling & Associates in San Diego, and Michelle Wilson, an independent fiduciary advisor with Athens Impact Socially Responsible Investments in rural Ohio, talk with podcast host Marie Swift about the formation of NAPFA Pride, an affinity group for LGBTQ+ members. Each shares their involvement and goals for the group. The episode highlights upcoming events like a happy hour at NAPFA conferences for members interested in joining NAPFA Pride. Beyond conference gatherings, NAPFA Pride also organizes webinars and conversation circles. They are always looking for committee members and volunteers to organize events.


These two NAPFA Members also discuss their specialties in retirement planning, ESG investing, socially responsible investing, and supporting nontraditional families. Doster talks about his nomadic lifestyle living in an Airstream trailer to inspire clients to pursue their dreams without waiting. Wilson, who has even delivered a compelling TEDx talk on Money Scripts, talks about supporting nontraditional families and community initiatives that create a sense of purpose, including plans to open a nonprofit for credit counseling in the community.


In a nutshell, you’ll hear about:


• How Wilson and Doster focus on being ethical and inclusive in their work as financial planners and fiduciary advisors

• Why they embrace socially responsible investing, diversity, nontraditional families and community work

• What makes them “tick” outside of their financial planning work with clients and financial education efforts within their communities


Wilson believes you should live how you live, love who you love, and live out loud so others will know they are not alone – that that our lives can be a form of activism. Learn more at


Doster’s personal goal is to spread the word that everyone can get conflict-free financial advice without being sold expensive products. His firm, like Wilson’s, offers fiduciary, Fee-Only financial advice and wealth management. Learn more at


Podcast Guest
Steve Doster, CFP®️

Rowling & Associates (

A NAPFA Member since 2010, CFP®️ professional Steve Doster first discovered his interest in finance and investments shortly after graduating from The University of Arizona with a BS in mechanical engineering. He was offered a position in a highly selective training program for twenty newly graduated engineers with a Fortune 500 company that offered excellent health and retirement benefits and was surprised and slightly embarrassed that his new coworkers were baffled about what choices to make among all the retirement and investment options presented to them during the new employee orientation. It was then that he realized the education system does not address the basics of financial planning, so he jumped in head first to self-educate himself by reading every financial book, magazine, and newspaper he could get his hands on. He went on to earn an MBA from Arizona State University with a specialization in finance, spent time at JPMorgan Chase as a financial analyst, and eventually founded his own Fee-Only firm. After six years on his own, Doster joined forces with Rowling & Associates to provide tax-efficient wealth management. Learn more at


Michelle Wilson, AIF®️, AFC™️, CSRIC®️

Athens Impact Socially Responsible Investments (


Michelle Wilson is an independent, Fee-Only fiduciary and NAPFA Member who offers customized financial planning, money management, and advisory services. She founded Athens Impact Socially Responsible Investments to deliver a comprehensive wealth management experience to her clients focused on sustainable and ethical investing principles. She earned her Accredited Investment Fiduciary®️, Chartered Socially Responsible Investment Counselor®️, and Accredited Financial Coaching®️ certifications, and has completed a Masters in Financial Planning. Athens Impact LLC is located in the poorest county in Ohio. In order to run her business in an ethical way, Michelle does require a minimum cash requirement for her services. To give back to her community, she provides pro bono services to help people make good financial choices, even when they are not a good fit as investment clients. In addition, she has developed a financial education program focused on helping Appalachian women become more financially secure. She works with a financial coach and partners with a non-profit organization in her area to present this material to those in need. In her free time, Wilson volunteers to provide resources, education, board work, and speaking engagements around finances and diversity issues both locally, nationally, and internationally. Learn more at

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