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NAPFA Nation Episode #16: “Honing Skills: How Volunteering within NAPFA’s Professional Community Can Lead to Career Growth” with Jeff Jones, Abby Hasling, and Stephen Fletcher
Date: April 9, 2024

In Episode #16 of NAPFA Nation, Jeff Jones of Longview Financial Advisors, Abby Hasling of The Mather Group, and Stephen Fletcher of EVOAdvisers, talk with podcast host Marie Swift about the many reasons they have volunteered their time and energy for NAPFA leadership roles over the years. The episode highlights the benefits of volunteerism and how it enhances leadership skills, facilitates networking and connections, and improves personal, professional, and firm outcomes.

Jones discusses his journey of joining NAPFA, serving on the board for eight years, and the personal growth and networking opportunities he gained through volunteerism. Hasling shares her involvement in committees like the NAPFA Women's Initiative and emphasizes the positive impact of volunteer work on personal and professional development. Fletcher highlights how volunteering with NAPFA provided him with diverse perspectives, leadership opportunities, and significant career advancements. All three underscored the welcoming nature of NAPFA’s community and how saying yes to volunteer opportunities had positively impacted their lives.

In a nutshell, you’ll hear:
•    How to get started on the NAPFA volunteerism path 
•    Why is makes sense to be proactive and reach out to committee members for insights 
•    If there is ever “a wrong yes” in volunteering 

Starting the volunteer journey leads to personal growth, building connections, and overall association development. The speakers share valuable insights about volunteer activities within organizations like NAPFA for professional advancement and meaningful engagement in a supportive community. The trio collectively emphasize the benefits of volunteerism in NAPFA for personal and professional development. 

Learn more about Longview Financial Advisors at, The Mather Group at, and EVOAdvisers at

Podcast Guest

Jeff Jones, CFP®️, EA
Longview Financial Advisors 

Jeff Jones is Director of Financial Planning and a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™️ Professional at Longview Financial Advisors. Before joining Longview, he spent twelve years with the Department of Defense and NASA, designing, implementing and maintaining large computer systems. While volunteering with the United Way of Madison County providing free tax prep for low-income families, he realized it was time for a career change. He now enjoys working with families as they blend their financial and life goals. He is proud to lead a team focused on integrity, transparency, and collaboration. A NAPFA member since 2014, Jones is Past Chair of the Board for the National Association of Personal Financial Advisors (NAPFA) Board of Directors. In his role as Board Chair, he advocates on Capital Hill for fee-only and fiduciary legislation to protect American families. He previously served as Treasurer for the Board. He has also served as Chair, President, and Symposium Director for NAPFA’s South Region Board. Learn more at

Abby Hasling, CFP®️ 

The Mather Group

As a wealth advisor with The Mather Group, Abby Hasling is a financial guide for her clients, helping them navigate their life stages alongside the financial planning process. She works with clients to define their objectives and then crafts the strategies that help them effectively use their resources to meet those goals. As a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™️ professional, Abby brings a holistic perspective to financial planning, with added expertise in estate, special needs, and retirement planning. The Mather Group, LLC is one of the fastest-growing independent, fee-only registered investment advisory firms in the country, offering comprehensive financial planning services with our clients’ best interests in mind. A NAPFA member since 2019, Hasling has participated on conference committees and the NAPFA Women’s Initiatives. Learn more at

Stephen Fletcher, CFP®️

Stephen Fletcher is a Principal and Lead Financial Planner at EVOadvisers where he is responsible for successfully maintaining client relationships, developing and implementing financial plans and investment recommendations while overseeing the planning team. His expertise in trust and wealth management aids when advising clients with high-level financial and investment, tax planning, retirement planning, and estate planning needs. Before joining EVO, Stephen worked in North Carolina with BlueSky Wealth Advisors as a Senior Wealth Advisor and Director of Advisory Services. Stephen oversaw the advisory team of 12 and was responsible for maintaining key client relationships, advisory standards and planning practices, and business development. He actively serves on the National Association of Personal Financial Advisors (NAPFA) Genesis Leadership Committee, which aims to engage and equip the next generation of the financial planning profession. In 2020, Stephen received the New Professional of the Year Award from NAPFA, an award designed to recognize professionals under the age of 35 who have made outstanding contributions in the financial planning industry. He has been a NAPFA Member since 2016. Learn more at

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