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NAPFA Nation Episode #19: Lives Under Care: Using Dollars and Cents to Create a Rooted Plan with Amy Irvine
Date: July, 2024 

In Episode #19 of NAPFA Nation, Amy Irvine of Rooted Planning Group, shares with podcast host Marie Swift her journey in financial planning. From rebranding her firm, empowering women in financial planning, attracting male clients too, promoting pay equity and DEI within the firm, building client relationships, creating an ensemble of talented women professionals at Rooted Planning Group. and embracing NAPFA membership, Irvine has accomplished a lot in her financial services career.


In a nutshell:


  • Irvine encourages all team members and NAPFA members to complete NAPFA's DEI training and to promote their involvement in NAPFA activities
  • She explains the rationale behind rebranding from Irvine Wealth Planning Strategies to Rooted Planning Group and why she focuses on empowering women in financial planning
  • Providing education and advice without requiring high assets under management – lives under care, not assets under management – has helped the firm attract clients
  • Rooted Planning Group also attracts male clients who value the education and advice provided because men seek to set an example for their daughters or desire the educational approach of the firm
  • Irvine discusses pay equity within her firm and transparency in salaries, as well as efforts to coach clients on achieving pay equity in their own careers
  • Embracing DEI strengthens client relationships by addressing unconscious biases


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Special Note: In 2023, we rebranded the NAPFA podcast with a new album cover and series title: NAPFA Nation. We are shifting our monthly episodes to bring you inspiring conversations and key insights from leaders in the Fee-Only financial planning profession. Marie Swift, Founder and CEO of Impact Communications, will continue on as host, interviewing a variety of NAPFA members and professionals. You will still be able to find on this channel the 32 Mindset Mastery episodes with respected fiduciary financial planners and allied advocates who are committed to accomplishing great things as they master their own mindset and continue to serve their clients in the best ways possible.

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Podcast Guest

Amy Irvine, CFP®, EA, MPAS®, CCFC, CDFA®, CFT-I™

Rooted Planning Group

As a kid, Amy Irvine always liked numbers.  She would spend hours creating math problems and solutions. Whenever she wanted to play math teacher, her brother was forced to be her student. Given her love of facts and figures, it’s really no surprise that she chose a career where she works with numbers.  Irvine believes that you can use your dollars and cents to create and live a meaningful life unique to your own dreams and desires. She is the author of "Uncork Your Finances" and podcast host of “Wine and Dime,” which were both created as a way to blend two of her passions together and take the "scary" out of finance.

She started Rooted Planning group because she wanted to offer financial PLANNING services. While the investment management profession has a tendency to focus on “assets under management,” she wanted to focus on the journey of her client’s lives – what she refers to in her podcast as a financial vineyard. She truly believes that, like wine, life and finances have different palettes that should be celebrated and not judged.

Her journey as a business owner was not a direct path, it’s more of a long and winding road. Over the course of the past 28 years, she’s worked in various financial services positions. But she is most proud of the ensemble of women that she brought together at Rooted Planning Group. She also co-founded in 2014 the Southern Tier Women's Financial Conference, which is an annual event with a day of collaboration, networking, and financial education for women.

She holds a Master’s Degree in Financial Planning, and the following designations: Certified Financial Planner® professional, Enrolled Agent, Certified College Financial Consultant, Master Planner Advance Studies®, Certified Divorce Financial Analyst®, and Certified Financial Therapist.

In addition to serving on several boards, she is honored to serve as a mentor to other women in the profession, and has served on the National Board of the National Association of Personal Financial Planners (NAPFA) in hopes of having professional influence on the number of women in the profession (or lack thereof). She also volunteers for two pro-bono financial planning organizations: Savvy Ladies and Advisers Give Back. She has been a NAPFA member since 2016.

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