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Online Presence and SEO Best Practices for RIAs
Course Information
Content Level: Foundational
NAPFA Subject Area: K-Marketing and Practice Management
Course Description
Part of the NAPFA 2021 Playbook Series sponsored by Allianz Life.

Your online presence should be driving your advisory firm’s growth. Is it working? How do you know?

Most financial advisors know the importance of having a good website, being seen on social media and in credible third-party media outlets, and coming up strong in search engine page rankings, but few are happy with the amount of leads they are getting from their efforts – and they don’t know how they can improve.

In this webinar, our presenters will explain how to improve your online presence, get your website in shape and drive more leads into your marketing funnel.
Learning Objectives
  1. Understand the three pillars of search engine optimization
  2. Discover the SEO mistakes that you’re making and how you can fix them
  3. Learn how to benchmark your site against competitors and tracking key performance indicators
  4. Find out how to benefit from Google’s recent changes to outrank more established competitors
  5. Be more discoverable and credible thanks to the PESO Model, the 4-Cs and the AIDA formula
Jonny Swift
Digital marketing expert, Jonny Swift, is VP and Director of Social/Digital Strategy at Impact Communications, a marketing communications firm that has for the past 28 years worked exclusively with independent advisors and allied institutions. Jonny has presented at FPA, NAPFA and ACP conferences as well as the Barron’s Top Women Advisors Summit. Learn more at

Brien Shanahan

SEO expert Brien Shanahan is co-founder of Top Ranked Advisor, an online marketing firm dedicated to helping financial advisors grow their businesses online. He has been working with financial advisors since 2008, having founded SEO4Advisors in 2011. Nearly a decade later, after lead roles at two international tech startups, he merged SEO4Advisors with Advisor Web Marketing to form Top Ranked Advisor. Learn more at 

Brent Carnduff