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2023 Playbook Series #2, Session #2: Honing in - How Doubling Down on Serving a Specific Niche Can Multiply Results
Course Information
Content Level:  Intermediate
NAPFA Subject Area: K-Marketing & Practice Management
Course Description

Building on what you learned in the first session on niche marketing, we will continue our discussion centered on how advisors who double down on serving a specific niche can move farther faster due to this intensified commitment.

This session will drill into:

  • Strategies for working with a specific target market
  • Why you select a specific niche 
  • Maximizing your efforts
  • Establishing trust and earning credibility when you can't meet a client in person

Homework Assignment: Consider what the panelists said and come to session #3 prepared to share your additional insights with the group.


Matthew Mondoux, CFP®, CFA®, CMT®