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2024 Playbook Series #1: AI and Advisors
2024 NAPFA Playbook Series #1: AI and Advisors

Join a host of experts for the first Playbook Series of 2024, “AI and Advisors,” a masterclass in how to approach this technology and how to make it work for you and your firm. Our panelists come from within the Fee-Only advisory space as well as from outside, bringing a range broad range of perspectives as well as a depth of experience in the AI world. You'll gain knowledge of how to use tools available to advisors, as well as confidence in what can and can't, and should and shouldn't be used. Our experts will share an overview of what AI actually is, which tools you can start using, and how to navigate the compliance and regulatory waters around AI. Move forward into 2024 well-equipped with the how and why behind AI.

Each live session offers 1 NAPFA CE and 1 CFP®️ CE. The on-demand version of a past program offers solely NAPFA CE.

Members: $49 for the three-session series, or $39 per individual session. Non-members: $99 for the three-session series, or $59 per individual session.

2024 Playbook Series #1: AI and Advisors

Session #1: What Is AI? (recording available, for NAPFA CE only)

Wednesday, February 28 | 3:00 PM ET

In this session, the panelists break down what AI is and start digging into how you might already be interacting with it in your firm.
Featuring panelists Tyson McDowell, Andrew Smith Lewis, and Derek Notham, CFP®, and moderator Summer Parry.

Session #2: How To Employ AI in 2024

Wednesday, March 27 | 3:00 PM ET

In this session, attendees will look at ways you can use AI tools to improve efficiencies as well as other integrations available on various platforms.
Featuring panelists Dan Solin, John O'Connell, and Justin Bolmgren, and moderator Summer Parry.

Session #3: What Are AI’s Legal, Compliance, and Cybersecurity Implications in 2024?

Wednesday, April 24 | 3:00 PM ET

Now that you have had the opportunity to dive into what AI is, this session will cover where and when to put some guardrails around it.
Featuring Myles Blechner, Leila Shaver, and Sharon Klein, and moderator Summer Parry.

Registration details and additional information will be available soon for (all at 3 pm Eastern):

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  • July 24 – How to Know What Your Clients Want from Your Firm
  • August 28 - Communicating Your Value for Lead Generation and More Clients

NAPFA Playbook Series #3: Your Website: Your Hardest Working Marketing Partner

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Availability: Retired
Cost: Member: $49.00
Non-Member: $99.00
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