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Tax Planning Strategies Advisors Can Offer to Clients
Course Information
Content Level: Intermediate
NAPFA Subject Area: D-Income Tax Planning
Course Description

Too often, taxpayers assume that talking to their preparer once a year is all the tax help they need, which means opportunities are missed. This webinar will cover tax strategies that advisors can identify, communicate, and put in motion with clients before the year ends. Webinar participants will gain confidence to deliver tax planning value to clients. While some clients might not need to take action this year, value may still be delivered by going through the process and informing clients of what has been done and showing that someone is taking care of them (a.k.a the dishwasher rule).

Specifically, this session will cover strategies in the following three areas:

  • Charitable giving that has tax benefit
  • Business deductions that get left out
  • Income acceleration to save on taxes in the long run
Learning Objectives
  1. Learn what tax professionals typically focus on and where there are opportunities to add value around taxes for their clients
  2. Understand specific tax planning strategies to apply with clients to help minimize the amount of income tax they will pay over their lifetime
  3. Determine specific actions to take to implement the information learned during this webinar
Steven Jarvis, CPA

Steven Jarvis aims to bridge the gap between tax professionals, financial advisors, and their mutual clients to help reduce most people's largest expense in retirement: taxes! With more than 10 years of experience from top accounting firms and by partnering with some of the most successful financial advisors in the industry, Jarvis is uniquely positioned to help financial advisors deliver massive value to their clients and stay between the lines on compliance. A valuable skill of his includes distilling endless pages of IRS tax code and case law into easy to explain, easier to implement, actionable items that financial advisors can use with their clients today!

Availability: Retired
Initial Cost: Member: $39.00
Non-Member: $59.00
Additional Cost: CFP® CE: $10.00
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No Credit Offered
Contains: 2 Courses
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