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Working with the Media: How to Endear Yourself to (or Alienate) a Journalist
Course Information
Content Level: Foundational
NAPFA Subject Area: K-Marketing and Practice Management
Course Description
Part of the NAPFA 2021 Playbook Series sponsored by Allianz Life. This is a recorded webinar from November 11, 2021.

Being quoted by a respected journalist in a prestigious publication can differentiate you from other financial planners who may not make the grade as the outlet’s vetting process unfolds. When you are seen as a source in media articles, the perception is that you are a more credible expert than a competitor who is not regularly quoted. Plus, being seen on a high-ranking website can significantly improve SEO (search engine optimization) factors for your firm and make you more visible online.

How do you endear yourself to a journalist so that you are more apt to hear from them again in the future? Are you inadvertently creating situations where you may never be quoted initially or, gulp, ultimately ruled out for future storylines? Get these questions answered and more in the Q&A session with three nationally known journalists and a PR pro who will explain how to improve your chances of becoming a regularly quoted media source.
Learning Objectives
  1. Find out what financial journalists typically need and look for in a source.
  2. Learn how to increase the odds that you will be quoted when numerous sources are vying for the journalist’s attention.
  3. Understand why a journalist is more likely to come back to you for additional comments in the future.
  4. Discover how to amplify the media attention you get.
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