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2023 Playbook Series #1, Session #2: Wowing with Service -- Moving Clients from Simply Satisfied to Raving Fans
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Content Level: Intermediate
NAPFA Subject Area: K-Marketing & Practice Management
Course Description
Creating a great client experience is a phrase we hear more and more in financial planning circles. But what does it really take to create that? Of course, speaking with clients can provide a helpful gauge, and formally asking for feedback and measuring client satisfaction and/or net promoter score (NPS) can uncover gaps and opportunities. Now what? In this Playbook session, the second of three webinars focused on improving the client experience and attracting ideal clients, we will hear from New York Times best-selling author and "abundance activist" Ellen Rogin, CPA, CFP®.

We'll explore:
• Using client feedback to create tailored experiences for individuals and/or group of like-minded clients
• How to create the "wow factor" with your most important clients
• Identifying and articulating your superpower
• Creating deep and meaningful client relationships
• Moving clients from simply satisfied to raving fans (sparking referrals and introductions)
• Doing your best work and making the difference you are meant to make in the world

Between session #2 and session #3, we'll ask you to make a list of your best clients and jot down why you'd like to gain more like them. We'll ask you to make notes about what they appreciate most about working with you, and what more you can do to attract additional clients just like them. When you return for session #3, we'll discuss what you saw and brainstorm ways to shore up deficiencies and fill any gaps.

Ellen Rogin, CPA, CFP®
Ellen Rogin advises financial professionals worldwide to grow their impact, influence, intuition, and income. She speaks from experience, having founded and ultimately selling her own wealth management firm. Ellen is a CPA, an MBA, and is the co-author of 3 books, including the New York Times’ best-seller, Picture Your Prosperity: Smart Money Moves to Turn Your Vision into Reality.

Marie Swift

Marie Swift is President and CEO of Impact Communications, a full-service marketing communications firm that works solely within the financial services industry. Prior to establishing Impact Communications in 1993, she served as Director of Corporate Communications for a group independent financial advisors in California. Marie is in demand as a speaker at conferences for financial services professionals and is a prolific writer.

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