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SEO and Online Visibility Tactics for Financial Advisors (2020 Playbook #6)
Course Information
Content Level: Foundational
NAPFA Subject Area: K-Marketing and Practice Management
Course Description
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the best investments a financial advisor can make towards growing their business, but it gets more competitive and challenging every year. Your success depends not only on your marketing efforts, but also on your location, target audience, competitors, and trends within the financial planning industry as a whole. The key is in knowing what signals the search engines are using to determine authority, and then focusing on reinforcing or strengthening those signals. Join Jonny Swift as he interviews SEO and online visibility experts Brien Shanahan of Top Ranked Advisor and Allan Slider of FeeOnlyNetwork on how financial advisors can benefit from the right online strategy.
Learning Objectives
  1. How to improve your website and member directory listings for better search engine rankings
  2. Why content marketing is not enough and how to remedy the problem
  3. How to identify and close the gaps in your current online strategy
Jonny Swift

Brien Shanahan

Allan Slider