Episode #23: "It’s Not About You: Lessons Learned from Serving as a Guide for Sight Impaired Athletes" with Caroline Gaynor
Conversations That Matter: Educating Clients about Non-Binding Letters of Wishes
Contemporary Estate Planning Paradigms for Married Couples
Counseling Your Clients from Business to Retirement
Client Service Experience - Moving from Great to Exceptional in Three Steps
Career Path Planning
AARP BankSafe: Empower Advisors & Fight Exploitation
AARP BankSafe Program
Episode #24: “Radical Relevance: Building Share of Mind with the Right People the Right Way” with Bill Cates
Episode #22: “Level Up: How Mindfulness and Self Reflection Can Change the World” with Saundra Davis
Episode #21: "Optimal Performance: Insights from an Olympic Medalist " with Paul Kingsman
Episode #20: "Who You Are IS the Message" with Marie Swift
Episode #19: "Why Standing Out is No Longer Enough – And What To Do Instead" with Carl Richards
Episode #18: "Dementia Prevention and Optimistic Aging" with Dr. Margit Henderson
Episode #17: "Brain Health: Beyond Crossword Puzzles and Sudoko" with Dr. Marc Milstein
Episode #16: “Success That’s Satisfying” with Stephanie Bogan
Episode #15: “The Power of Dialog and Story Listening” with Dr. Preston Cherry
Episode #14: “Aligning Dreams, Desire and Positive Motivation” with Steve Sanduski
Episode #13: “Hard Times Call for Soft Skills” with Mitch Anthony
Episode #12: "Transition Fatigue and the Post-Pandemic Future" with Susan Bradley
Episode #11: "Building a Life by Choice, Not Chance” with Chris Yonker
Episode #10: "Stoic Wisdom from a Roman Emperor, Dennis Stearns, CFP®, and 2020 Mindset Mastery Guests” with Marie Swift
Episode #09: "Productivity and Time Management for Mere Mortals” with Michael Kitces
Episode #08: "Creating Demand for You and Your Expertise” with John Bowen
Episode #07: "Benefits of Professional Diversity and Inclusion” with Kate Healy
Episode #06: “Playing to Win” with Joe Lukacs
Episode #05: “Anything is Possible” with Michael Garry
Episode #04: "Mindset and the Entrepreneurial Journey" with Robb Baldwin
Episode #03: "The Secret to Great Listening" with George Kinder
Episode #02: "Building Relationships in Today’s Noisy, Digital World" with Kevin Knebl
Episode #01: "The Neuroscience of Next Level Success" with Dr. Jody Jacobson
March 2022 Issue: 5 Reasons to try a new kind of Marketing by Miguel Gomez
March 2022 Issue: Behavioral Finance Dynamics by Linda Leitz
March 2022 Issue: Build your Practice with Local TV by Kimberly Foss
March 2022 Issue: Define your needs for your Freelance Writer by Susan Weiner
March 2022 Issue: Get Referrals from COIs by Stephen Wershing
March 2022 Issue: Secure Future Growth by Resolving a Founder-Led Growth Model by Shauna Mace
March 2022 Issue: Taking Pride in her Clients' Successes by Bridget McCrea
March 2022 NAPFA Advisor Magazine - Full Issue
Advertising on Social Media to Boost Your Brand (2020 Playbook #9)
Master Class #1: Pull Strategy, Session #3: The Feedback
Master Class #2: Push Strategies, Session #1: The What
The Importance of Gender & Racial/Ethnic Diversity in Your Firm
Tax Planning as a Year-Round Sport
How Implicit Bias Impacts Conflict, and What You Can Do About It
Estate Planning for Income Taxes: Maximizing Step-Up In Basis For Couples
Social Security Education & Training for Financial Professionals & Advisors
January 2022 Issue: The Paradoxical Life of the Outgoing Introvert
Episode #25: "Beyond DEI: Inclusive Leadership and What It Means for Business Leaders Today" with Geoffrey Brown & Dr. James Pogue
Herbers & Company: Business Management and Client Communication Training
The Medicare Interactive Pro On-line Training
January 2022 Issue: Creating Non-Advisory Career Paths at Financial Planning Firms
January 2022 Issue: Help Women Avoid the Burden of the "Mental Load" at your Firm
January 2022 Issue: How to Build Sales Confidence in Young Advisors
January 2022 Issue: Taking the Direct Route into Fee-Only Financial Planning
January 2022 Issue: When and Where to Hire a COO to Serve as your Organization's Heart
January 2022 NAPFA Advisor Magazine - Full Issue
February 2022 Issue: 3 Critical Questions for LGBTQ+ Clients' Estate Planning
February 2022 Issue: Avoiding the "Treasure Hunt" - the Financial Advisor's Role
February 2022 Issue: Bob Swift Discusses his Nonprofit, 3rd Decade
February 2022 Issue: Help Clients Through Thought Leadership
February 2022 Issue: It's the Right Thing to do
February 2022 Issue: Our Clients need a Skilled Team to help them Implement their Plans
February 2022 Issue: What Advisors need to know About Revocable Trusts
February 2022 NAPFA Advisor Magazine - Full Issue
April 2022 Issue: 3 Ways you can Make a Difference in DEI Efforts
April 2022 Issue: Financial Planning Through one LGBTQ+ Couple's Lens
April 2022 Issue: The Rising Opportunity to Serve Diverse Tech Founders
April 2022 Issue: What's so Special about Special Needs Planning?
April 2022 Issue: Having the Money Conversation with your Kids
April 2022 Issue: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion is not yet a Reality, but it's not out of Reach
April 2022 Issue: What all Women Should know about Being Financially Prepared
April 2022 Issue: Recognizing Gender Diversity and Related Pronouns
April 2022 Issue: Fee-Only is the Only Way
April 2022 NAPFA Advisor Magazine - Full Issue
May 2022 NAPFA Advisor Magazine - Full Issue
May 2022 Issue: The WA Cares Fund Long-Term Care Insurance Mess: What Next?
May 2022 Issue: Auto Insurance: What your Clients Need to Know
May 2022 Issue: 4 Tips to Improve your Firm's Internship Program
May 2022 Issue: Choosing the Right Income Annuity for your Client
May 2022 Issue: Look Outward, say Conference Keynoters
May 2022 Issue: Teach Clients how Best to Balance Accepting and Transferring Risk
May 2022 Issue: How to Hire and use Virtual Support
May 2022 Issue: Taking a Direct Path into Fee-Only Financial Planning
January 2021 NAPFA Advisor Magazine - Full Issue
February 2021 NAPFA Advisor Magazine - Full Issue
March 2021 NAPFA Advisor Magazine - Full Issue
April 2021 NAPFA Advisor Magazine - Full Issue
May 2021 NAPFA Advisor Magazine - Full Issue
June 2021 NAPFA Advisor Magazine - Full Issue
July 2021 NAPFA Advisor Magazine - Full Issue
August 2021 NAPFA Advisor Magazine - Full Issue
September 2021 NAPFA Advisor Magazine - Full Issue
October 2021 NAPFA Advisor Magazine - Full Issue
November 2021 NAPFA Advisor Magazine - Full Issue
December 2021 NAPFA Advisor Magazine - Full Issue
Master Class #2: Push Strategies, Session #2: The How
January 2020 NAPFA Advisor Magazine - Full Issue
February 2020 NAPFA Advisor Magazine - Full Issue
March 2020 NAPFA Advisor Magazine - Full Issue
April 2020 NAPFA Advisor Magazine - Full Issue
May 2020 NAPFA Advisor Magazine - Full Issue
June 2020 NAPFA Advisor Magazine - Full Issue
July 2020 NAPFA Advisor Magazine - Full Issue
August 2020 NAPFA Advisor Magazine - Full Issue
September 2020 NAPFA Advisor Magazine - Full Issue
October 2020 NAPFA Advisor Magazine - Full Issue
November 2020 NAPFA Advisor Magazine - Full Issue
December 2020 NAPFA Advisor Magazine - Full Issue
December 2021 Issue: 3 Steps Advisors Should take in 2022 to Close the Racial Wealth Gap
December 2021 Issue: 4 Keys to Mastering Client Conversations
December 2021 Issue: Helping Clients who are Searching for Happiness
December 2021 Issue: LinkedIn in 2022: Create, Converse, Relate
December 2021 Issue: Powerful Books with Real-Life Value
December 2021 Issue: Sharpening his Focus on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
December 2021 Issue: Significant Change is Coming in the Service Model for Women
December 2021 Issue: Tax Proposals Could Reshape Planning
November 2021 Issue: How Financial Planners can Work with Clients with Dementia and Memory Loss
November 2021 Issue: Rethink your Business Plan for its Greatest Impact
November 2021 Issue: Developing Lifelong Client Relationships
November 2021 Issue: A Mega Planning Opportunity for High-Income Clients: the Mega Backdoor Roth
November 2021 Issue: The Growing Storm of Caregiving - and how Advisors can Help
October 2021 Issue: Navigating the SEC's new Client Testimonial Rule
October 2021 Issue: Testimonials: The new Marketing "Silver Bullet"?
October 2021 Issue: Three Promises that will fix your Marketing
October 2021 Issue: Going Beyond the Beach Photos
October 2021 Issue: Creating a Financial Haven for Black Women
September 2021 Issue: Opportunities and Challenges in the Regulatory Environment
September 2021 Issue: Sold on a Career in Fee-Only Financial Planning
September 2021 Issue: 8 Essential Components of your Content Marketing
September 2021 Issue: Be Yourself - the Ultimate Truth in Advertising
September 2021 Issue: What is Noise, and why does it Matter?
August 2021 Issue: Why cash still Matters in a low-rate Environment
August 2021 Issue: The Future of Advisor-Driven DIY Planning
August 2021 Issue: My Firm's Technology-Assisted Path to Growth
August 2021 Issue: Making Lemonade in a post-Covid-19 World
August 2021 Issue: Building an open Family Office
August 2021 Issue: 4 Survival tips for Introverted Advisors
August 2021 Issue: 4 Powerful Tech Tools for Digital Marketing
July 2021 Issue: The Biological Imperative of Financial Planning
July 2021 Issue: Incorporating Education into your Financial Planning
July 2021 Issue: How Advisors can Fight Burnout
July 2021 Issue: Take your Client Advisory Board Virtual to Stay in Touch with Client Needs
July 2021 Issue: Why Personal Brands Matter, and Where they fit in your Firm's Growth Marketing Plan
July 2021 Issue: What Financial Advisors need to know About SLATS Now
July 2021 Issue: Paradise Found in a Fulfilling, Rewarding Career
June 2021 Issue: Providing Behavioral Alpha for Investments
June 2021 Issue: End of 40-year Fixed Income Bull Market Raises the Urgency of Diversifying
June 2021 Issue: Turn Outrage into Investment Opportunities
June 2021 Issue: Help your Clients Grasp the Case for International Investing
June 2021 Issue: Financial Lessons and Games to Teach Children Money Concepts
June 2021 Issue: Helping your Clients Through Investment Mania
June 2021 Issue: Charting his Path in Financial Planning
May 2021 Issue: He Found his Place in the Fee-Only World
May 2021 Issue: Adding Value Through Property & Casualty Insurance Reviews
May 2021 Issue: Helping Clients Navigate Their Employee Benefits
May 2021 Issue: Rethinking Life Insurance at all Levels of Net Worth
May 2021 Issue: The Importance of Insuring Property to Value
May 2021 Issue: The Covid-19 Pivot: A win for your Insurance Clients
May 2021 Issue: Hybrid Policies Offer a way out of the Long-Term Care Conundrum
September 2021 Issue: What does the Current Regulatory Environment Mean for NAPFA Members?
March 2021 Issue: SEO Fundamentals for Advisors
March 2021 Issue: How Financial Planners can Pursue Racial Equity
March 2021 Issue: Help your Clients Navigate Combining Finances
March 2021 Issue: Can a Marketing Plan Successfully Encompass Multiple Markets?
March 2021 Issue: Always Doing Better for their Clients
March 2021 Issue: 5 Marketing Micro-Experiments
March 2021 Issue: 4 Ways to get more from your NAPFA and other Online Profiles
March 2021 Issue: The Defecit Myth
February 2021 Issue: What's the Matter" It Might be Secondary Grief
February 2021 Issue: Feeling inSECURE about Using Trusts for IRAs Under the SECURE Act?
February 2021 Issue: Leading with Advice
February 2021 Issue: Corporate or Individual Trustee? Help your Client make the Right Choice
February 2021 Issue: Common Issues Planners may Identify in Clients' Estate Planning Documents
February 2021 Issue: Estate Planning for Beginners: Probate and Intestate Distribution
February 2021 Issue: Advising your Clients Throughout a Divorce
April 2021 Issue: How to Master your Mastermind
April 2021 Issue: A Balancing Act
April 2021 Issue: Financial Triage can help your Clients when they need you the most - and Increase your Value!
April 2021 Issue: Money and Culture: Red Envelopes, Traditions, and a Golden Teaching Opportunity
April 2021 Issue: Our Profession's Newest Strategy for Helping to Close the Racial Wealth Gap
April 2021 Issue: Potholes in the Road to Growth
April 2021 Issue: Recruiting Diverse Students and New Planners to Fee-Only Financial Planning
April 2021 Issue: 3 Steps Toward Creating a Diverse and Inclusive Culture in the Workplace
January 2021 Issue: Understanding Relationships Increases your Bottom Line
January 2021: Finding the Line: Personal Touch and Technology
January 2021: Embracing Diversity and Inclusion
January 2021 Issue: Before a Leap of Faith, lay out your Deal-Breakers
January 2021 Issue: 10 Myths of Hourly Fees for Financial Planning
January 2021 Issue: 10 Onboarding Tips to Engage new Colleagues
January 2021: Your Recommended Reading List Bores me to Tears
Episode #26: Mind Your Balance: Creating Effortless Success and True Happiness in Your Life
June 2022 Issue: Direct Indexing: A Tool for ESG and Philanthropy
June 2022 Issue: ESG Direct Index Investing Doesn't go far Enough. Consider Impact Investing Instead
June 2022 Issue: Help Your Clients Evaluate Residential Rental Property
June 2022 Issue: ETFs for Individual Investors
June 2022 Issue: Effective Virtual Appointments
June 2022 Issue: How NAPFA Members Discuss Investing and its Challenges with Clients
June 2022 Issue: Shaping her Firm Around a Diverse Client Base
June 2022 NAPFA Advisor Magazine - Full Issue
Master Class #2: Push Strategies, Session #3: The Feedback
Episode #27: Financial Stress: Practical Solutions for Overcoming this Hidden Epidemic
MIX Group Payment of $25 CFP CE Course Review Fee
July 2022 Issue: The Case for Advice-Only Financial Planning
July 2022 Issue: What Advisors Need to Know About the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Waiver Program
July 2022 Issue: How Ideal Client Profiles and Case Studies Improve Advisor Marketing
July 2022 Issue: Keeping Case Studies Compliant
July 2022 Issue: To Win Prospective Clients, Provide Proof
July 2022 Issue: My Love Letter to Voicemail
July 2022 NAPFA Advisor Magazine - Full Issue
NAPFA New Member Webinar
NAPFA Fall 2022 Virtual Conference Experience
Episode #28: Rising Stars: Three Fiduciary Planners Speak Up on Career Paths, Role Models and Mentorship
Midwest WI & IL Members Mixer
Midwest MI & IN Members 9/15 Mixer
Midwest OH Members 9/21 Mixer
Midwest KS, NE, OK, ND & SD Members 9/22 Mixer
Midwest MN, IA & MO Members 9/28 Mixer
August 2022 Issue: Building a Sustainable Technology Platform
August 2022 Issue: Move Beyond a CRM with Process Control Software
August 2022 Issue: Delegating technology management to your team: why it matters and how to pull it off
August 2022 Issue: Young Widows and Widowers Face Complex Social Security Rules
August 2022 Issue: Answer the Most Important Question on Your Prospect's Mind!
August 2022 Issue: Fee-only planners discuss the application and limitations of technology
NAPFA New Member Orientation
A Planner’s Path to Management and Ownership
Master Class #3: Custom Content, Session #1: The What
Episode #29: Blessings in Disguise: Using Obstacles to Fuel Success with Veronica Dagher
MIX Group Payment of $100 CFP CE Late Fee
September 2022 Issue: 5 Top Priorities for NAPFA's Public Policy Advocacy
September 2022 Issue: 2 Threats Facing Today's Investors-- and the Regulatory Response
September 2022 Issue: A Compliance Professional's Take on the New Marketing Rule
September 2022 Issue: Coaching Clients Through Challenging Markets
September 2022 Issue: Q&A with Emlen Miles-Mattingly of Onyx Advisor Network
September 2022 Issue: Conference Tips For You and Your Team
September 2022 Issue: How to Communicate Effectively with Clients While Remaining Complaint
BLX Intern Information Session
BLX Firm Information Session
Brand Building, and Conversation Starters for Successors
Episode #30: Motivate Your Money: Using Conversations and Conscious Decision Making to Realize Success with Mac Gardner
Master Class #3: Custom Content, Session #2: The How
October 2022 Issue: How to Align Your Offers to Your Purpose to Sustain Success
October 2022 Issue: Stick to a Theme to Make Communications Effective
October 2022 Issue: Meet NAPFA's 2022 Award Recipients!
October 2022 Issue: How to Set Your Marketing Budget
October 2022 Issue: 3 Issues in Disclosure of Conflicts of Interest and Compensation
October 2022 Issue: Ethics: Necessary, Nuanced, and Hard to Teach Well
October 2022 Issue: Why Cultural Competency is Important for Your Business
Authentic and Effective Leadership Perspectives
0-Claiming NASBA CE (Prerequisite Live Event)
Episode #31: Choose Wisely: How Mindfulness and Attentive Listening Can Help You Make Better Decisions with Gary J. Boelhower, PhD
Master Class #3: Custom Content, Session #3: The Feedback
November 2022 Issue: How to Help Your Clients with the Older-Adult Housing Decision
November 2022 Issue: Health Savings Accounts: Planning Opportunities and Pitfalls
November 2022 Issue: Make the Most of Your Clients' After-Tax Retirement Plan Contributions
November 2022 Issue: 5 Considerations When Proposing Cash Balance Plans to Clients
November 2022 Issue: Optimizing Your Self-Employed Business Clients' Social Security Benefits While Minimizing Their Tax Liability
November 2022 Issue: Women Wise: The Essential Guide to Financial and Lifestyle Decisions as We Age by Eleanor Blayney, CFP® and Marjorie Fox, CFP®
November 2022 Issue: Run Your Practice Better with Insights from the NAPFA Fall Conference
November 2022 Issue: 5 Ways to Manage Fractured Focus in Your Business
November 2022 Issue: Incorporating Tax Preparation or Tax Planning into Your Practice: the Good, the Bad, the Ugly
Finding Your Career Path – the Road to Success
August 2022 NAPFA Advisor Magazine - Full Issue
September 2022 Advisor Magazine - Full Issue
October 2022 NAPFA Advisor Magazine - Full Issue
November 2022 NAPFA Advisor Magazine - Full Issue
Episode #32: Emotional Intelligence - How to Improve and Use EQ in Everyday Life
December 2022 NAPFA Advisor Magazine - Full Issue
December 2022 Issue: 3 Top Technology Trends for Financial Advisors in 2023
December 2022 Issue: Preparing the Next Generation of Planners with "Soft Skills"
December 2022 Issue: Top 5 Exam Priorities in 2023 for SEC-Registered Investment Advisosr
December 2022 Issue: College Application Trends and How Advisors Can Help Clients Navigate Them
December 2022 Issue: Looking Ahead with NAPFA's New Strategic Framework
December 2022 Issue: DEI at NAPFA
December 2022 Issue: Why Does Home Country Bias Exist in Investing— and what You Should Do About It
NAPFA Nation Episode #01: Talent Pool: Advancing Diversity in the Financial Planning Profession with Luis Rosa
January 2023 NAPFA Advisor Magazine - Full Issue
January 2023 Issue: Can Financial Advisors Use One-Time Financial Plans to Grow Their Business?
January 2023 Issue: 9 Pitfalls of Internal Succession Planning—and How to Avoid Them
January 2023 Issue: Cultural Competency: Understanding More about Clients’ Values and Beliefs
January 2023 Issue: A Look at NCEF with Board of Trustees President Danielle Seurkamp
January 2023 Issue: Transitioning a Firm from Founders to Successors
January 2023 Issue: How to Avoid Advisor Burnout
TIAA Advisor Services – Why Third-Party Advisors Are Important And How We Support Them
TIAA Traditional – What You Need to Know About TIAA’s Traditional Fixed Annuity
What You Need to Know About CREF Variable Annuity Accounts
2023 Playbook Series #1, Session #1: Measuring Client Satisfaction and Driving Referrals
MIX Group Payment of $1.25 Per CFP Attendee
NAPFA Nation Episode #02: The Curious Learner: Creating an Open Canvas with Wendy Hartman
August 2022 Advisor Magazine - Full Issue
February 2023 Issue: Beyond Special Needs Trusts: 3 Additional Estate Planning Considerations for Special Needs Families
February 2023 Issue: 5 Estate Planning Mistakes Every Planner Should Avoid
February 2023 Issue: The 3 Tiers of Domestic and International Asset Protection Pools
February 2023 Issue: Advisors’ Limiting Beliefs Sabotage a Firm’s Bottom Line
February 2023 Issue: 6 Myths About Boundaries in Professional Relationships
February 2023 NAPFA Advisor Magazine - Full Issue
Managing Client Stress
NAPFA New Member Orientation
NAPFA Nation Episode #03: Encore Performance: Changing the Conversation about Money and Finances with Elizabeth Jetton
March 2023 Issue: Your Video Assets Need Strategy to Generate ROI
March 2023 Issue: How to Move the Needle with Social Media
March 2023 Issue: Loom: Tech Fad or Game-Changer?
March 2023 Issue: Creating Content That Supports a Scalable Client Communications Experience
March 2023 Issue: An Annual Tradition: Birthday Letters to My Grandchildren
March 2023 Issue: Cash Flow Rules That Help Clients Reach Their Goals
March 2023 NAPFA Advisor Magazine - Full Issue
ENLITE: Psychology of Financial Planning & Mental Health Training
Negotiating 101: How to Advocate for Yourself (and Your Clients)
2023 Playbook Series #1, Session #3: Capstone on Improving the Client Experience and Attracting Ideal Clients
NAPFA Nation Episode #04: Deliberate Action: Bridging the Gap for Women in the Financial Planning Profession with Katie Burke and Bridget Grimes
April 2023 NAPFA Advisor Magazine - Full Issue
April 2023 Issue: How One Financial Planning Firm Tackles DEI
April 2023 Issue: Women Are More than Their Gender
April 2023 Issue: How Financial Advisors Can Help Develop Financial Literacy among Children in Underserved Communities
April 2023 Issue: How Firms Can Attract and Retain Diverse Advisors
April 2023 Issue: Embracing Childfree People: A Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Perspective
April 2023 Issue: The Value of a Dynamic Asset Allocation in Your Plan
April 2023 Issue: Are We Doing Enough for the Next Generation?
April 2023 Issue: Building DEI into Your Firm’s Daily Life
April 2023 Issue: The Beginning of NAPFA
Complicated Social Security Case Analyses: The Details and Results
Redefining the Relationship Between RIA & Custodians
NAPFA Spring 2023 National Conference Recordings - NAPFA CEs
NAPFA Spring 2023 National Conference Recordings - NAPFA & CFP CEs
NAPFA Nation Episode #05: Your Amazing Financial Life with Tara Unverzagt
May 2023 NAPFA Advisor Magazine - Full Issue
May 2023 Issue: Two Changes to Empower Organic Growth
May 2023 Issue: Planning for Publicly Funded Long-Term Care Insurance
May 2023 Issue: Why RIAs Should Give Annuities Another Look
May 2023 Issue: Term Life Insurance Business in 2023: What It Takes to Capitalize on Current Demand
May 2023 Issue: Building Trust in the Wild West of Financial Planning
May 2023 Issue: Create a CEO Week to Boost Your Productivity!
May 2023 Issue: Insurance and the Fee-Only Planner
May 2023 Issue: Growing Up with NAPFA
2023 Playbook Series #2, Session #1: Magnetic Marketing: Niching in with Ideal Client Personas and Hyper-Relevant Messaging-On Demand
NAPFA DEI Training and Certificate Program
College Affordability Project
June 2023 NAPFA Advisor Magazine - Full Issue
June 2023 Issue: Are Financial Planners Stuck in the 1970s?
June 2023 Issue: Markets Don’t Care about Your Politics … but Clients May
June 2023 Issue: Disrupting Your Client Event Patterns for Greater Inclusivity
June 2023 Issue: One More Thing
June 2023 Issue: Going Beyond the 529 for More Sophisticated College Planning
June 2023 Issue: Beyond Personality Assessments: Why Identifying Thinking and Learning Styles Is Key for Long-Term Growth
June 2023 Issue: Looking Ahead with Keynote Speakers
June 2023 Issue: NAPFA and the History of Financial Planning: From Salesperson to True Advisor
NAPFA Nation Episode #06: “Fiduciary Values, Exemplified: How Volunteering as a NAPFA Member has Paid Off Over the Years” with Lydia Sheckels
Critical Planning Ideas for the Mass Affluent
NAPFA Fall 2023 Virtual Conference Experience
Managing Existing Life Insurance Policies Successfully
Navigating the Austin Real Estate Market
2023 Playbook Series #2, Session #2: Honing in - How Doubling Down on Serving a Specific Niche Can Multiply Results
NAPFA DEI Training and Certificate Program
NAPFA Nation Episode #07: “Retirement Redefined: How to Balance Time, Money and Joy” with Glenn Frank
July 2023 NAPFA Advisor Magazine - Full Issue
July 2023 Issue: Help Your Clients Raise Kids Who Aren’t Entitled
July 2023 Issue: Creating Accountability Charts That Support Exceptional Service
July 2023 Issue: Technologies That Help Advisors with Client Retention
July 2023 Issue: NAPFA Genesis in NAPFA’s History
July 2023 Issue: What Wordle Has Taught Me about Financial Planning
July 2023 Issue: The Profession’s Evolution as Viewed by CFP Board Veterans
Got College?
2023 Playbook Series #2, Session #3: Capstone on Building Trust and Earning Credibility in a Digital World
Understanding Your Client’s Financial Personality
NAPFA Nation Episode #08: “Embracing Fiduciary Excellence: 40th Anniversary Reflections from NAPFA's First President” with Gary Pittsford
NAPFA Midwest Mixer Call
August 2023 Advisor Magazine Full Issue
August 2023 Issue: Why Financial Advisors Need to Embrace Zero-Trust Cybersecurity
August 2023 Issue: Lessons Learned on the Journey of Loving Our CRM System
August 2023 Issue: Using Technology to Conduct an Effective Hybrid Meeting
August 2023 Issue: Bridging the Risk Gap: An Ongoing Journey for the Client and the Advisor
August 2023 Issue: Client Conversations: Moving from Facts to Feelings
August 2023 Issue: Operations Teams, Review These 4 Questions Before You Audit Your Tech Stack!
August 2023 Issue: The DEI Initiative in NAPFA’s History
NAPFA Midwest Mixer Call
What I Wish I’d Known: A Panel of Young Professionals
Creating a Lasting Legacy Through Life Insurance
An Advisor's Guide to Property and Casualty Insurance Reviews
Helping Clients Plan for Higher Education Expenses - 2023
NAPFA Nation Episode #09: “Time Machine: How the Billable-Hours Business Model Works for Advisors and Clients” with Mark Berg
September 2023 NAPFA Advisor - Full Issue
September 2023 Issue: NAPFA Promotes Fiduciary Financial Planning
September 2023 Issue: Don’t Be Fooled by the ETF Label: Single-Stock, Leveraged, and Inverse ETFs Pose Significant and Underappreciated Risks
September 2023 Issue: Meet NAPFA’s 2023 Award Recipients!
September 2023 Issue: NAPFA’s Friends Celebrate NAPFA’s 40th Anniversary
September 2023 Issue: How to Create a Diverse Internship Program
September 2023 Issue: NAPFA’s First Decade
September 2023 Issue: The Juggling Act is Real: How Advisors Can Balance It All and Avoid Burnout
September 2023 Issue: 6 Essential Areas of Compliance
NAPFA New Member Webinar
NAPFA South Region Mixer Call
NAPFA Fall 2023 National Conference Proceedings for Non-Attendees – NAPFA CEs
NAPFA Fall 2023 National Conference Proceedings for Non-Attendees – NAPFA & CFP® CEs
2023 Playbook Series #3, Session #1: Getting to Yes - The Art of Conversation and Client Conversion
2023 Playbook Series #3, Session #2: Personal Presence: Using Charisma and Gravitas to Engage and Connect
Integrating Donor-Advised Funds into Client Portfolios: A Guide for Financial Advisors
NAPFA Nation Episode #10: “Career Change Success: How a Tech, Consulting, and Academics Pro Became a Fiduciary Financial Advisor” with Irfan Bhabhrawala
October 2023 Issue: Using ChatGPT and Other AI tools for Content Creation
October 2023 - Full Issue
October 2023 Issue: Putting Ethics at the Center of Our Profession
October 2023 Issue: Writing to Fuel Your Growth as an Advisor and a Writer
October 2023 Issue: NAPFA’s Second Decade
October 2023 Issue: Sharing Memories for Future Generations
October 2023 Issue: It’s Time to SWOT Your Referrals
A Welcoming Workplace: Incorporating DEI at Your Firm
Women and Long-Term Care
NAPFA Nation Episode #11: "Progressively Yours: How Being Real and Creating a High-Trust Environment Gels as Values Added” with Zach Teutsch
November 2023 - Full Issue
November 2023 Issue: Preparing Your Clients for Happiness in Retirement
November 2023 Issue: Using Medicare Open Enrollment to Strengthen Advisor-Client Relationships and Create More Comprehensive Financial Plans
November 2023 Issue: Help Aging Clients Discuss Their Priorities
November 2023 Issue: Attaining Tax Control through Tax Diversification
November 2023 Issue: The Women’s Initiative in NAPFA’s History
November 2023 Issue: NAPFA Fall Conference Keynotes Discuss Economic Outlook, AI, Fintech
November 2023 Issue: An Intergenerational Perspective on Working in Financial Planning
November 2023 Issue: The Role of Taxes in Your Practice
November 2023 Issue: NAPFA’s Third Decade
Sunrise/Sunset: Estate Planning in Advance of the 2025 Sunset of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA)
Fall 2023 - A Look Ahead: An Update on NAPFA’s Strategies
NAPFA Nation Episode #12: Intentional Visibility: Benefits of an Inclusive Workplace Culture with Dana Wilson
December 2023 - Full Issue
December 2023 Issue: How Small Wealth Management Firms Can Become Hugely Valuable
December 2023 Issue: Regulatory Trends for Investment Advisors
December 2023 Issue: Focus on the Now for a Successful Future
December 2023 Issue: Facilitating Change to Achieve Goals as AI Changes Financial Planning
December 2023 Issue: Some of Our Clients Are Struggling with Addiction. We Can Help.
December 2023 Issue: The Rise of the Sabbatical
December 2023 Issue: The NAPFA Large Firm Forum in NAPFA’s History
December 2023 Issue: NAPFA DEI Initiative Advances Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
December 2023 Issue: Time Management for Advisors: Strategies and Tools to Compound the Value of Your Time
December 2023 Issue: NAPFA’s Fourth Decade and through the Years
Helping Your Clients Get More Free Money for College
Navigating Equity Ownership Options for the Next Generation
Trends in Senior Living and Elder Care for Clients
_2024-2025 Self-Report: WRITING (up to 8 CEs per cycle)
_2024-2025 Self-Report: CLASSROOM/WEB
NAPFA Nation Episode #13: “Advisors Giving Back: Benefits of Pro Bono Financial Planning” with Matt Iverson-Comelo and Lisa Niera
_2024-2025 Self-Report: 2-CE ETHICS COURSE
_2024-2025 Self-Report: TEACHING/PRESENTING (up to 8 CEs)
_2024-2025 Self-Report: READING (up to 8 CEs)
_2024-2025 Self-Report: PRO BONO (up to 4 CEs)
January 2024 - NAPFA Advisor Full Issue
January 2024 Issue: Incentive Compensation Strategies for the Paraplanner Career Path
January 2024 Issue: Feedback Conversations: Pitfalls and Solutions for Effective Feedback Conversations
January 2024 Issue: Communicating an Advisory Practice Merger or Acquisition to the Clients
January 2024 Issue: Wealth is Women’s Work: An Overdue Book
January 2024 Issue: Finding the Right Path: Why Going Solo Isn’t Always the Right Answer
January 2024 Issue: 5 Problems RIAs Face Organizing Their Back Office
Q&A Session: Leveraging Social Media and Technology to Build Your Brand
NAPFA Women's Initiative Book Club - "The Big Leap" by Gay Hendricks
NAPFA Nation Episode #14: “Pursuing Purpose: From the Olympics to Philanthropic Wealth” with David Flores Wilson
February 2024 - Full Issue
February 2024 Issue: Recruiting New Financial Planners to Your Firm
February 2024 Issue: Reviewing Estate Plans for Planning Opportunities
February 2024 Issue: International Clients: Don’t Dabble, Refer
February 2024 Issue: Engaging Women’s Wealth through Inclusive Family Meetings
February 2024 Issue: Tough Conversations
2024 Playbook Series #1, Session #1: What Is AI?
2024 Playbook Series #1, Session #2: How To Employ AI in 2024
2024 Playbook Series #1, Session #3: What Are the Legal, Compliance, and Cybersecurity Implications in 2024?
2024 Playbook Series #1: AI and Advisors - 3-Course On-Demand Bundle
NAPFA Nation Episode #15: “Ethical and Inclusive: Taking Pride in Community Service, ESG and LGBTQ+ Initiatives” with Steve Doster and Michelle Wilson
March 2024 - Full Issue
NAPFA Nation Episode #16: “Honing Skills: How Volunteering within NAPFA’s Professional Community Can Lead to Career Growth” with Jeff Jones, Abby Hasling, and Stephen Fletcher
April 2024 Full Issue
Fireside Chat: Inspiring HUMANS to Take Action on Financial Planning To-Dos
2024 Playbook Series #2: Adding Value to Outshine Your Competition
2024 Playbook Series #2, Session #2: How to Know What Your Clients Want from Your Firm
2024 Playbook Series #2, Session #3: Communicating Your Value for Lead Generation and More Clients
2024 Playbook Series #2, Session #1: What Kinds of Service Add-Ons or Resources Could You Be Offering to Clients?
Safeguarding Your Future with Term Life Insurance
NAPFA Spring 2024 National Conference Proceedings – NAPFA CEs
NAPFA Spring 2024 National Conference Proceedings – NAPFA & CFP® CEs
NAPFA Nation Episode #17: “Differently Abled: Challenging Stigmas by Recognizing Neurodiversity and Diverse Skill Sets” with Mike Walther
NAPFA DEI Training and Certificate Program
NAPFA DEI Training and Certificate Program - Day 1
NAPFA DEI Training and Certificate Program - Day 2
May 2024 - Full Issue
NAPFA Nation Episode #18: See It, Be It: Advocating for Inclusion and Diversity with Jordan Dyson
June 2024 - Full Issue
NAPFA Nation Episode #19: Lives Under Care: Using Dollars and Cents to Create a Rooted Plan with Amy Irvine